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Aquaneer arranges premium contract staffing services for its Clients. 

The significant benefits that exist with the contract staffing services that we support are apparent for Clients and Candidates alike.

Smart Senior Man

"TheAquaneers are very effective and thorough recruiters who understand engineering and manufacturing roles & source the right candidates  because they themselves are engineers."

Client Assurance

Relax.  Increasingly, industrial Clients can relax after allowing Aquaneer to secure the right resources needed to meet their contract staffing requirements. Aquaneer Clients trust and recognize the peaceful assurance that comes with knowing that we have built an iron-clad reputation for selecting only the right talent resources that fit their requirements going forward. 


Regardless to whether it is a Service Tech immediately needed for a short-term contract project or there is a desire to "try out" several potential permanent Executive level candidates over time before a long-term company hire decision is made, Aquaneer puts Clients at ease with their 100% performance guarantee - Our unique process where each candidate we submit is keenly vetted by our engineering staff to be ready on day-one to produce tangible, real results in your operations.  Contact us today. 

Candidate Benefits

Aquaneer has built an iron-clad reputation for providing the right  talent resource for its' Clients.  This spirit continues with the Contract-To-Hire or Temporary employee occupational arrangement that is available to all candidates. 


As a Temp, the right candidate can acquire a full benefit package that includes Medical, Dental, Vision, 401K Plan, and Savings Plan benefits for an individual or their family.  In addition to competitive weekly income and overtime payments, candidates can enjoy the assurance of being able to evaluate if the company they are working for and the job they are in is the right long-term fit for them going forward.  Join us.


"I was fortunate to work with TheAquaneers for a key role in an important Medical Device company. Their professionalism, quality of coaching and availability is second to none. Their assessment of both the company needs and candidate capabilities is proof of TheAquaneers' experience, knowledge and that they proactively work to impact processes in the most optimal manner.


I highly recommend TheAquaneers !!!"

-PL   Manufacturing Quality

          / Validation Engineer 

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