Does your company reflect today's

American Values when viewed through

the New American Mirror for Corporations?


An honest comparison of your company's racial hiring percentages to the 2019 United States Census Bureau's Racial Demographic numbers can instantly reveal the gaps in your company's Diversity & Inclusion hiring results. It can also be used as an honest benchmark that reveals the opportunities your company has to mirror America by hiring more people of color.

.  Is your company looking for ways to better         align with today’s social movements   to               publically demonstrate its commitment 

   to equal justice and fair balance for                       people of color? 

.  Has your company taken steps like Adidas           to hire 30% of their domestic new jobs                 with Blacks and Latinx people -  so to                   make their new hiring better

   mirror American Demographics?

.  Has your company ever used or been                   awarded public / Government contracts

.  What has your company done to                           aggressively root out discrimination

   in its ranks? 

These are some of the questions today's social movements are asking.  Aquaneer can help.


How well do your company's minority hiring numbers mirror today's American demographics?

Have the right
engineers of color
right now.

who Counts?

Increasingly, since George Floyd’s killing this year launched one of the largest participation protest movement in U.S. history, many Companies have been looking for ways to demonstrate their support for fairness and equal opportunity.  At the same time, civic movements such as Black Lives Matter, The Color of Change and others are aggressively “counting” the number of “underrepresented hires” in corporations as the “new normal measurement” of a companies’ true commitment to mirror America through Diversity & Inclusion goals. This commitment is also extended to their minority supply chains.

TheAquaneers can helpContact us.


Simple Justice

In 1964, President Robert F. Kennedy signed into law the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Kennedy called for all companies to exercise “Simple Justice”  if they use Government Funds sourced by all Americans to simply comply by not discriminating against the very people who provide the funds in the first place.  

Aquaneer can help your company move toward socially responsible compliance going forward.  Learn How


Adidas Commits To Reserve

30% of All New Domestic Hires

For People of Color

Open Roles Target Black & Hispanic/LatinX Domestic Talent

Adidas is a $26.7 Billion Dollar Global Corporation that employs 59,000 people.

According to Compliance Week (7/6/20), Adidas has committed to create a more "diverse and inclusive" workplace after the departure of their HR executive, Karen Parkin.  

Earlier, on June 9, slightly over two weeks after the killing of George Floyd on May 25th, Adidas outlined several actions to improve D&I. 

Amoung them:

Diversify The Talent Pool: min. of 30% of all

   new US hires will be filled with Black & 

   Latinx candidates. 50% of all open                   positions will be filled by other minority 

   categories to include women & disabled.

Investing $120 MM in Black Communities

.  University Scholarships For Black Employees

.  Establish an Independently Governed US

   Anti-Discriminatory & Harrassment Standards.

.  Establishing a Global Committee to Enhanse

   Inclusion and Equity.

As US Companies search for what they can do to be apart of the solution toward racial balance and justice in their ranks in the wake of the George Floyd protest, Adidas actions can stand as a clear model of some of the actions that can be done.  

Hiring more people of color generally and in the industrial sector, more engineers of color, so to mirror American Demographics (13% Black & 18% Latinx) can constitute a giant first step toward complying with the new demands on Corporations D&I to reflect solciety in this climate of social change and accountability

TheAquaneers can help your company accomplish your permanent placement and staffing goals.  We have a unique platform for engineers of color.  Contact us and we can share some special solutions to better align your company with social efforts toward racial equity.


"I  can't find a Black candidate

to fill the job"

Recently in a Boston Globe Article (6/9/20) Dan D'Alessandro - former CEO of John Hancock, said, "in my 40 years in corporate executive suites, I must have heard a version of this phrase hundreds of times when executives were asked to hire a manager at any level". D'Alessandro's comments are echoed by CNBC's corporate data report that finds that at every career level from Operations to the Executive Board Suites, Blacks and Hispanic / Latinx trail whiles from 84 in Operations to 96% at the Exec Level. 


According to D'Alessandro the excuses for not hiring Blacks are:

.  "I interviewed a few Black candidates, but

    they really weren't qualified".  

.   "There just are not enough Black executives

    trained in that field." 

.  "There was one good  Black candidate, but

    there is no way we could retain them, given

    how rare they are."

CNBC's investigation of companies that have 

underrepresented minorities in its ranks, finds negative consequences from not hiring diversity. 


These consequences include:

.  Investors Ditching Their Stock

.  Company's May Experience Failure To

   Acquire and Retain Employee Talent

.  A Lack of Diversity Can Stifle Innovation.


Aquaneer has the right solution that eliminates these reasons for not hiring people of color.  With a robust database and network of highly qualified engineers of color, Aquaneer can tailor a unique performance solution with guarantees.  Learn How.

In the wake of international civic unrest that seeks to eliminate systemic racial injustice in all corporate entities and institutions, TheAquaneers have the right solution to help support your company as our Client.  

So, if you are looking to align your Company's hiring to Mirror American Demographics, or you want to show taxpayers of all colors that the  government contracts you were awarded - funded by US Dollars - was issued to a socially reflective &  civically responsible company, TheAquaneers can help.

                          Here's How

Aquaneer  is a national technical recruitment and staffing agency. Our "A-E's" are composed of the top Chemical Engineers (ChemE's), Mechanical Engineers (MechE's), ElectricalE's, CivilE's, Software Engineers as well as other technical professionals in industry and the US.

Aquaneer has built a robust database and is associated with solid racially based  community networks so we can provide well-vetted and credentialed engineers of color to you in all categories, fast.  We work smoothly with your existing Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) departments to deliver tangible results going forward.


Each "A-E" that we submit to you, as our Client, is:

.  Engineer-To-Engineer vetted to Ensure

   Success in the Candidates' Respective Role.

.  100% Performance Guaranteed To Be Ready

   on Day One to Deliver Results.

.  Will meet 90 - 95% of your job description.

.  Our Engineers are Available on a Permanent

   or Contract-To-Hire Staffing Basis with

   benefits.  So that you can be sure you are

   hiring the right leader for your

   organization.  You can "Try Before You Buy".

.  Other Benefits

Contact us today for and we will show you how "A-E's" are the right engineers for your company right now.

The right engineers right now. 

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